Join The Route 66 Corvette Club!

Membership Requirements

If you would like to join the Route 66 Corvette Club of St. Louis, MO:
  • Submit a RT66CC Membership Application along with payment of dues.
  • Submit a National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc. (NCCC) Membership Application . NCCC Membership is required by RT66CC Bylaws.
  • May be an owner of one or more Corvette(s) or just be a Corvette Enthusiast.
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Youth Memberships

  • Children (16-18) years of age.
  • Children under the age of (16) Submit one time FCOA Application.

Club Membership Dues

New Single Member: $60

Yearly Renewal: $50

New Couple Members: $95

Yearly Renewal: $85

Pay Now!

These dues include both the RT66CC and NCCC dues.

Route 66 Corvette Club Membership runs from Nov 1 – Oct 31. Renewal dues are payable prior to the end of club meeting which takes place on the first Thursday in October each year.

Note: A late fee of $10.00 is imposed by NCCC, if you have not renewed your membership by the end of the November club meeting.

Future Corvette Owners Association (FCOA) Member: 16 years of age and younger

One-time $10.00 fee for a child any Primary or Spouse member.

FCOA Website:

Please contact our Membership Director by email if you have questions about joining the ROUTE 66 CORVETTE CLUB. Be sure to include "Membership" in the subject line.

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