Club Officers


Bill Mitchell email:President

Vice President

Jeff Schweikert email:Vice President


Rich Weinhold email:Treasurer


Doug Stone


Tom Reitz email:Governor

Board of Directors

Lynda Rothweil

Mike Spathelf

Mike McMillen

Bob Isermann

Board of Director Duties

The Board of Directors handle the administrative functions of the Route 66 Corvette Club. The Directors support the club members in all activities and operations of the club as defined in the Route 66 Club Constitution and the Club By-Laws.

The Board of Directors conduct normal affairs of the Club in accordance with the desires of the members and recommendations to the club regarding new programs or proposals offered for consideration.

Nominations for positions for the Board of Directors of Route 66 Corvette Club are open at the October meeting. Board elections takes place at our November Club meeting.

NCM Ambassadors

Mike Spathelf

Jan Spathelf

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee

Open Position

Auto Cross Committee

Tom Reitz

Car Show Committee

Rich Weinhold

email Rich
Charity Committee

Howard Sardis

Membership Committee

Don Lorimier

email Don
Newsletter Committee

Open Position

Nominating Committee

Open Position

Financial Planning Committee

Open Position

Rules and Regulations Committee

Lynda Rothweil

Social Committee

Bob Isermann

Sponsorship Committee

Bob Isermann
Mike Spathelf

Technical Committee

Tom Reitz

Trailer Committee

Tom Reitz

Web Site Committee

Joe Anelle