Tech Korner

This is the technical information exchange library of the Route 66 Corvette Club

Monthly, we publish short technical articles that contain useful information and recommendations to help our Corvette owners understand, maintain, and improve their cars. This library is open to all visitors. Additionally, if you wish to join our interactive email group, send a note of interest to this address, We welcome discussion in our email group so we all can learn from our experiences.

We are starting with one article and intend to add a technical topic every month. A few article topics have been suggested below for future consideration, but we are relying on an expressed interest to identify future articles. These articles could be written by any person. The content could be factual (with references) or it can be just an opinion or recommendation (for instance, “ I have used or done this and I suggest you try it.”) The topics are intended to be developed and documented by anybody that has either experience or knows about a particular technical (automotive or Corvette) topic. You can even ask a question and someone will try to find an answer and document his/her findings.

The published documents may be updated as new information becomes available. Feel free to contact the article author for more information and maybe provide additional content.

Technical documents currently in the Tech Korner Library:

Select on each Issue to view the technical document:

Volume 1: Issue No.1: What is a Flat-Plane Engine and How is it Different from a Cross-Plane Engine? (Waganer)
Volume 1: Issue No.2: Transverse Leaf Springs (Miller)
Volume 1: Issue No.3: When to Replace your Battery (Waganer and Miller)
Volume 1: Issue No.4: Windshield Cleaning Tool (Spathelf)

Volume 2: Issue No.1: Holographic Heads Up Display (Anelle)
Volume 2: Issue No.2:Car Washing Process (Lamb)

Future topics to be explored:

  • What is the future of enhanced safety features and self-driving cars? (Waganer, Heidenreich)
  • Recommended Oil Filters (Lamb)
  • Experiences of Spring Mountain Driving School (Waganer + others)
  • Use of RainX on windshields (Lamb, Spathelf)
  • Battery maintainers vs. trickle chargers (Tom Reitz)
  • Gasoline Advice – Explanation of Top Tier gasoline (Waganer)
  • Recommended level of fuel in the tank for extended storage
  • Recommendation(s) of grades and brands of oil
  • Nitrogen or Air in tires, which is better?
  • Roof Rattles and Squeaks (Waganer)
  • Sound deadening techniques
  • Tires – Run flats and best tires (Isermann, Spathelf)
  • Summer tires in cold weather – is it a No-No?